1. Stagger 2x4 girts on posts. Never have a post where all of the 2x4 girts are spliced on the same post.

2. Stagger truss carriers on posts. It is not recommended to have a post where the truss carrier is spliced on both the inside and outside of the post.

3. Stagger 2x4 roof purlins. Never have a truss where all of the 2x4 roof purlins are spliced on the same truss.

4. The H1 hurricane tie which fastens the truss to the truss carrier is to go on the inside of the building, not the outside.

5. If using our Tuff-Posts, see www.tuff-post.com for installation instructions.

6. To view how to install rubber filler strips, see 'Eve Detail' page below. For Gambrel Buildings and Lean-To's, see 'Gambrel and Transition Detail'.

7. Painted steel roofing and siding can't be stored outside for more than 4 weeks. Plain Steel Roofing and siding can't be stored outside at all; it can not get rained on while still in the pack.

8. If cutting steel roofing and siding, must turn metal up-side down to cut, otherwise the chards will pit the metal.

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