Residential Garage

Residential Garage
Residential Garage

Building Size: 24’ x 24 ’x 9’
Location: Aspers, PA
Job: N/A

This APM customer was in need of a pole building for a recently purchased tractor to store. He was looking for a simple design, but was looking for a little extra room for storage. While we started off with a smaller design, in the end we both decided he would be happier with a slightly larger pole building.

This 24’ x 24’ x 9’ was originally designed for just tractor storage, but was finalized with a two garage door design. This allowed plenty of storage for our customer’s tools, his 12’ trailer, and of course the tractor.

The pole building was constructed with our 3ply 2x6 Tuff-Post as well as our 24’ Truss designed at 4’ on center. On the outside and inside of the building’s eave post we ran 2”x12” #1 southern yellow pine. The finished outside look of the pole building was completed with Wheeling Centurydrain colored steel. Our customer did decided to upgrade to a colored fascia and soffit to match the roof of the pole building. Trim colors were also matched to the roof and included the rat guard, which is standard to all APM Buildings.

As the finishing touch on the roof, we included the color matched Snow Defender. The Snow Defender was installed to help keep snow and ice from sliding down off the roof and damaging or possibly injuring what may be below the eave.

Lastly with a 9-light walk-in door on the Gambrel and two 9 x 7 Clopay garage doors on the eave completing the basic design.