Pole Barn with Gambrel Roof Truss Kits
Material Kits or Fully Built, Turnkey Pole Buildings.

The Gambrel style building gives your property a unique look. This non-traditional style attic truss not only gives a unique visual appearance but it also offers you great functional difference as well. Your attic space can increase significantly over the traditional style attic truss, giving you added storage space. A permanent staircase or a set of pull down attic stairs can be added to access the storage area.

Steel Roofing & Siding - 29ga.

40-year Film Integrity Warranty

Plus 25 year Galvalume Substrate Warranty

Siliconized Polyester Coating

Eve Posts 8' on center

Gable Posts 10' on center

Manufactured Roof Truss by APM, Trusses spaced 4' on center

Truss Carrier / Header Pre-Engineered

Wall Girts 2x4 (24" on center)

Roof Purlins 2x4 (24" on center)

Trim Package

Pole Anti-LIft System

Layout, Design Drawings and Specifications with order

Free Tarp (to protect your materials during construction)

Standard Pole Building Kits

Details & OPTIONS

Even though our buildings are sold as kits, we will walk you through the specification process to help you decide which of these options are right for you, and modify the kit accordingly. Many of our buildings are sold un-insulated, but insulation can be added to the kit very easily. One of the advantages of a pole building is that it can be constructed without a concrete slab or foundation. Concrete can be added at a later time if and when the need arises.